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We manage and maintain the whole process, from farming, processing and storage to distribution of the finished products and therefore not only are we able to ensure consistency but also maintain a continuous supply all year round. We invested in years of researching and developing this concept and were one of the first to initiate sweet corn farming in India. Over the years, we have developed a substantial export network, serving customers throughout Asia, the UAE and Australia.

What We Offer

Vacuum Packed Boiled Corn on the Cob

Our corn on the cob is boiled and packed in sterile conditions (processed in retort chambers at 121 0C to render it a shelf life of 18 month) after the harvesting.

Baby Corn In Glass Jar

Baby Corn produced of fresh, mature and sound raw-material of the latest domestic crop. The hair, the stalk and the outer leaves must be removed. Afterwards the baby corn shall be properly washed.

Frozen Corn On The Cobs

corn on the cob is produced from fresh young crop of zea mays variety Super Sweet (Syngenta sugar – 75 variety) of tender, pale yellow colour by removing husk and silk, inspecting.

Jalapeno Slices In Glass Bottle

We are a supplier and exporter of best quality Jalapeno Slices In Glass Bottle.

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